Support Survivor Build 26 Jan 2018

Gear Grid
3 Blue Affinity
1 Green Affinity
1 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None


Wisdom Potion
item consumable other
Play the showdown with the top card of the hit location deck revealed.



Lucky Charm
item jewelry
+ 1 luck



Cat Eye Circlet
item jewelry other
[A]: Reveal the next 3 monster hit locations and put them back in any order.



DBK Errant Badge
item jewelry knight
[Unique] Add [1 Armor] to all hit locations. At the start of the showdown, draw 1 tactics card.



Quiver & Sun String
item leather scale
You may carry up to 3 arrow gear cards outside of your grid. (all arrows you carry must be different.) All your bows gain + 2 range.



Whisker Harp
item instrument noisy
On [arrival], all survivors gain + 1 survival. [A]: Strum. Roll 1d10. On a result of 6+ discard 1 mood currently in play.



Shielded Quiver
item quiver
You may archive and gain the benefits of each arrow in your gear grid one additional time each showdown.


Vespertine Bow
weapon ranged bow two-handed other
[Range 5] [Deadly] Before each attack, you may choose for Vespertine Bow to have [Slow], + 4 accuracy, and [Range 9] for that attack



First Aid Kit
item heavy
On arrival, all survivors gain + 3 survival. [A]: Remove 1 bleeding or negative attribute token from yourself or an adjacent survivor.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Weapon Proficiency: Bow Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Other Conditions