A - Rory - Blue (Fruit) Survivor Build 15 Feb 2017

Speaker of the First Words, Dream Fruit Savior - Blue
Gear Grid
7 Blue Affinity
7 Green Affinity
7 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Cycloid Scale


Frenzy Drink
item consumable fragile
[A] consume: Suffer Frenzy brain trauma. Can be used once per showdown.


weapon melee grand two-handed bone
On the first Perfect hit each attack, this gains [Devastating 1] until the end of the attack. Loses the heavy keyword.


Cycloid Scale Hood
armor set scale
Whenever you spend [M], the scales' colors shift. Gain + 1 evasion until your next act.



Sunspot Lantern
item lantern
+ 1 accuracy. You can a 1-space shadow directly away from the monster. If the shadow can be cast in 2 spaces, decide which space had it until you move.


Cat Fang Knife
weapon melee dagger bone
On a Perfect hit, gain + 1 strength token. When knocked down, remove all your + 1 strength tokens.


Cycloid Scale Skirt
armor set scale
When you depart, gain survival equal to the number of you have.


Cycloid Scale Sleeves
armor set scale
When you [Shadow Walk] and attack a monster from its blind spot, your weapon gains + 1 accuracy and [Sharp] for the attack.


Cycloid Scale Jacket
armor set scale
+ 1 accuracy. When you spend [M], you [Shadow Walk] and may move through spaces survivors occupy without causing collision.


Cycloid Scale Shoes
armor set scale
[M]: You are not a threat until you attack. If you have the priority target token, gain + 2 survival and remove it.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Legendary Lungs
Once per attack, for each successful hit make an additional attack roll.
Once per showdown, you may spend [A] to suffer bash and the frenzy brain trauma.
Combo Master
On a Perfect hit, make 1 additional attack roll.
When a fellow hunter perishes, you lose control.
When a survivor died during the showdown, suffer the [frenzy] brain trauma.
Hyper Sensitivity
Your will to survive has become indefatigable.
You may dodge one additional time per round.
Whenever you are hit by an attack, you must dodge at least once, if possible.
Your rage boils out of control, causing you to see red at the slightest provocation.
Whenever you suffer a severe injury, also suffer the [frenzy] brain trauma.
Weapon Proficiency: Grand Weapon Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Ageless, Second Age cycle Lucerne: +Reach per/Blue, +3 HE and Luck
Blind: -1 Accu Gaping Chest: -1 Str
Other Conditions
Bitter Frenzy: Normal when Frenzied Homing Instinct: +5 Runaway
Rival Scar: +1 STR, -1 Eva. Must Depart Spidicules