Tank Survivor Build 26 Jan 2018

Gear Grid
1 Blue Affinity
3 Green Affinity
0 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None


Calcified Shoulder Pads
item bone heavy
Add [3 Armor] to all hit locations. [Ripple Pattern]: When you are attacked, roll 1d10. On a 10+, ignore 1 hit.



Calcified Greeves
item bone heavy
- 1 movement. Add [3 Armor] to all hit locations. Add + 2 [Ripple Pattern] roll results.



Scarab Circlet
item bone jewelry other
Add [1 Armor] to all hit locations. During the showdown, when your survival is reduced to 0, gain + 1 strength token.

  body, waist

Gorment Suit
armor set gormskin heavy
Guard: At the end of your attack, if you are standing and have a shield in your gear grid, spend 1 survival to move 3 spaces directly away from the monster and [Block 1] for free.


Gorment Boots
armor set gormskin heavy
Other survivors may move through but not end movement in a space you occupy.


Gorment Mask
armor set gormskin heavy
If your courage is higher than [1 Star], ignore Intimidate actions.


Beacon Shield
weapon melee shield metal heavy
Add [2 Armor] to all hit locations. [Block 2]: spend [A] to ignore 2 hits the next time you are attacked. Lasts until your next act. You cannot use block more than once per attack.


Gorment Sleeves
armor set gormskin heavy
You may Guard without spending survival.


Regeneration Suit
armor gorm
[Accessory]. At the end of the showdown, remove any permanent injuries you suffered this showdown.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Weapon Proficiency: Shield Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Other Conditions