Evil Buddy Dallas Survivor Build 13 Apr 2020

Gear Grid
0 Blue Affinity
0 Green Affinity
3 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None


Whisker Harp
item instrument noisy
On [arrival], all survivors gain + 1 survival. [A]: Strum. Roll 1d10. On a result of 6+ discard 1 mood currently in play.


Leather Boots
armor set leather
At the end of your act, you may move one space.



Gloom Mehndi
item gloomy soluble
When you depart, gain [1 Armor] to all hit locations. When you gain the [Crystal Skin] ability, gain the [Crustal Sword Mold] strange resource.


Rawhide Vest
armor set rawhide
+ 1 evasion


Dragonskull Helm
armor set bone metal
Gain + 1 to all severe [head] injury roll results. Ignore shattered jaw severe [head] injury result.


Rawhide Gloves
armor set rawhide
When you depart, gain + 1 survival.



Monster Tooth Necklace
item jewelry bone
Gain + 1 strength
+ 1 strength


Counterweighted Axe
weapon melee axe two-handed
Reach 2. On a Perfect hit, do not draw a hit location. Monster suffers 1 wound.


Rawhide Pants
armor set rawhide


Fighting Arts & Disorders
Whenever you encourage a survivor, they gain + 1 speed token until the end of the round.
Once per hunt phase, you may inspire another survivor. They use your understanding and courage to resolve a hunt or story event. (Example: if you have 3+ courage you can inspire another survivor to walk the path of the brave during Overwhelming Darkness.)
When rolling on a severe injury table, unless you roll a 1, add + 1 to the result. (This does not include brain trauma. The result total cannot exceed 10.)
You are immortal! You will live forever and cannot be killed.
While you are insane, convert all damage dealt to your hit locations to brain damage.
You are so busy reveling in your own glory that you cannot spend survival while insane.
Weapon Proficiency: Axe Specialist: Yes Master: No
Marrow Hunger (nominate this survivor as murderer)
Other Conditions
Immortal - While insane, all DMG is Brain DMG