Siegfried (Grand Weapon Master) Survivor Build 14 Oct 2018

Gear Grid
0 Blue Affinity
3 Green Affinity
1 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Leather

Leather Mask
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 insanity.



Flower Knight Badge
item jewelry badge
[Unique] At the start of the showdown, draw 1 tactics card and gain + 1 evasion token.


Leather Skirt
armor set leather



weapon melee grand two-handed bone mineral
[Slow] [Frail] [Deadly] Gains [Devastating] 1: Whenever you wound, inflict 1 additional wound.


Leather Cuirass
armor set leather



Round Leather Shield
weapon melee shield leather
Add 1 [Armor] to all hit locations. [Block 1]: Spend [A] to ignore 1 hit the next time you are attacked. Last until your next act. You cannot use block more than once per attack.


Leather Bracers
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 survival.


Leather Boots
armor set leather
At the end of your act, you may move one space.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Zero Presence
Gain + 1 strength when attacking a monster from its blind spot.
Whenever you attack a monster, you are always considered to be in its blind spot.
Sun Eater
Your body mysteriously absorbs light. At the start of each showdown, gain survival up to the settlement's Survival Limit.
If you have any + 1 Strength tokens, you may spend them all to perform the [Surge] survival action (following all of its normal rules and restrictions).
Timeless Eye
Your attack roll is a Perfect hit on a result of 9 or 10.
You cannot use Timeless Eye if you have the blind severe head injury.
You love the feeling of being needed.
When an adjacent survivor is knocked down, you are also knocked down as you rush to their aid.
You carry the weight of your settlement on your shoulders. Everyone is counting on you to save them, and you will rise to the challenge.
If you are insane when you [depart], gain + 1 survival and + 1 strength token.
Vermin Obsession
You love insects.
While there is a [Bug Spot] terrain tile on the showdown board, you are so overwhelmed that you are doomed.
Weapon Proficiency: Grand Weapon Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Grand Weapon Master
Leprosy (-1 dmg; -2 severe injury roll)
Other Conditions
Purified, Partner - Nezumi