A - Goldilocks Survivor Build 05 Dec 2017

Swordmaster Supreme
Gear Grid
0 Blue Affinity
4 Green Affinity
1 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Vagabond

armor cloth
[Accessory] When you are encouraged, gain + 1 insanity if your settlement is Barbaric or gain + 1 survival if your settlement is Romantic.



Manhunter's Hat
item rawhide leather
[Unique] [Accessory] Ignore the first severe [head] injury you suffer each showdown.


Leather Cuirass
armor set leather



Leather Skirt
armor set leather



Replica Flower Sword
weapon melee grand sword
[Devastating 1] You cannot dodge. Gains [Sharp]. + 1 evasion.



Elder Earrings
item jewelry
At the start showdown, gain + 2 survival. + 1 Hunt XP after a showdown.


Leather Bracers
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 survival.


Leather Boots
armor set leather
At the end of your act, you may move one space.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Ageless Apprentice
When you gain Hunt XP, you may decide not to gain it.
When you depart, you may rotate up to 3 gear cards in your gear grid. This changes the location of their affinities and arrows. Otherwise, the gear functions normally.
Timeless Eye
Your attack roll is a Perfect hit on a result of 9 or 10.
You cannot use Timeless Eye if you have the blind severe head injury.
Black Guard Style
Swords in your gear grid gain [Block 1]
When you block a hit with a sword, you next attack that round with a sword gains + 2 accuracy, + 2 strength, + 2 speed. Limit, once per round.
During the settlement phase, you may spend [star] to train a survivor. They gain the Black Guard Style secret fighting art. You lose it if you suffer the broken arm severe injury.
Your rage boils out of control, causing you to see red at the slightest provocation.
Whenever you suffer a severe injury, also suffer the [frenzy] brain trauma.
You carry the weight of your settlement on your shoulders. Everyone is counting on you to save them, and you will rise to the challenge.
If you are insane when you [depart], gain + 1 survival and + 1 strength token.
Weapon Proficiency: Grand Weapon Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Peerless: Gain Insanity, gain survival Sour Death: KnockD, encourage self
Other Conditions