Kylo Ren Survivor Build 11 Feb 2019

Gear Grid
0 Blue Affinity
0 Green Affinity
0 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Fur


God Mask
item mask bone other
[Unique] [Irreplaceable] [Accessory] At the start of your act, if insane, gain + 1 survival.



Cat Eye Circlet
item jewelry other
[A]: Reveal the next 3 monster hit locations and put them back in any order.


Screaming Horns
armor set bone
[A]: Scream. Non-deaf insane survivors gain + 1 movement until the end of the round. All other survivors gain + 1 insanity.


Screaming Skirt
armor set fur
Thick, protective fur protects your parts. Add + 1 to severe waist injury roll results.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion


Screaming Coat
armor set fur
[Slam]: Spend [M] to full more forward in a straight line. If you move 4+ spaces and stop adjacent to a monster, it suffers [Knockback 1] and - 1 toughness until the end of the round.


Screaming Leg Warmers
armor set fur
On arrival your feet hurt, gain + 3 insanity.


Bone Club
weapon melee two-handed heavy bone club
[Cumbersome]: Spend [M] as an additional cost to activate this weapon. Ignore Cumbersome if this weapon is activated indirectly (pounce, Charge, etc.).


Screaming Bracers
armor set fur
On arrival, if possible, add an Acanthus Plant terrain card to the showdown. When you activate terrain, you may add + 2 to your roll result.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Weapon Proficiency: None Specialist: No Master: No
Other Conditions