Padan Survivor Build 06 Feb 2016

Wise Savior of the Lantern
Twilight Knight
Father of Words
Gear Grid
2 Blue Affinity
2 Green Affinity
2 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Lantern

Twilight Sword
weapon melee two-handed finesse other
[Slow] [Cursed] [Cumbersome] [Sentient] [Irreplaceable] Gains Devastating 2 when fighting the Watcher. *Accuracy is 9 - Twilight Sword proficiency level.


Lantern Helm
armor set metal heavy
Ear Plugs. You are deaf, - 1 accuracy.



God Mask
item mask bone other
[Unique] [Irreplaceable] [Accessory] At the start of your act, if insane, gain + 1 survival.


Lantern Mail
armor set metal heavy



Lantern Cuirass
armor set metal heavy
- 2 movement. When you depart, add [3 Armor] to all hit locations with metal armor.


Lantern Gauntlets
armor set metal heavy
+ 2 Accuracy with club weapons.



Monster Tooth Necklace
item jewelry bone
Gain + 1 strength
+ 1 strength


Lantern Greaves
armor set metal heavy
+ 2 Movement



Elder Earrings
item jewelry
At the start showdown, gain + 2 survival. + 1 Hunt XP after a showdown.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Zero Presence
Gain + 1 strength when attacking a monster from its blind spot.
Whenever you attack a monster, you are always considered to be in its blind spot.
You can't handle bad smells.
You cannot [depart] with any [stinky] gear in your gear grid. If a status or effect would cause you to become [stinky], lose all your survival.
Weapon Proficiency: Twilight Sword Specialist: Yes Master: No
Story of the Forsaker
Other Conditions