Ophelia (Bow Master) Survivor Build 24 Dec 2018

Gear Grid
2 Blue Affinity
0 Green Affinity
2 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Rawhide

Rawhide Headband
armor set rawhide
[A]: Reveal the top 2 [AI]. Place them back on top of the deck in any order.



Reverberating Lantern
item tool lantern
[Unique] At the start of any hunt turn, before an event is revealed, you may [Sonorous Rest]. Limit, once per hunt.



Cat Eye Circlet
item jewelry other
[A]: Reveal the next 3 monster hit locations and put them back in any order.


Rawhide Vest
armor set rawhide
+ 1 evasion


Sunring Bow
weapon ranged two-handed bone
[Range 5] [Unique] [Cumbersome] On a Perfect hit, do not draw a hit location. Monster suffers 1 wound.


Rawhide Gloves
armor set rawhide
When you depart, gain + 1 survival.


Rawhide Pants
armor set rawhide



Rawhide Boots
armor set rawhide
When you depart, gain + 1 survival.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Abyssal Sadist
The first time you wound the monster each attack, gain + 1 survival and + 1 insanity.
Ignore the effects of the [Fear of the Dark] and [Prey] disorders.
Timeless Eye
Your attack roll is a Perfect hit on a result of 9 or 10.
You cannot use Timeless Eye if you have the blind severe head injury.
Combo Master
On a Perfect hit, make 1 additional attack roll.
You carry the weight of your settlement on your shoulders. Everyone is counting on you to save them, and you will rise to the challenge.
If you are insane when you [depart], gain + 1 survival and + 1 strength token.
Weak Spot
You have an imaginary infirmity.
When you gain this disorder, roll a random hit location and record it. You cannot [depart] unless you have armor at this hit location.
Weapon Proficiency: Bow Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Bow Master, Peerless (gain Survival whenever you gain Insanity)
Weak Spot (Head)
Other Conditions
Purified, Partner - Bohdan (Enduring Legacy: Fuji), Lifetime re-roll spent