Terry Everlasting Survivor Build 18 Jan 2017

Gear Grid
2 Blue Affinity
4 Green Affinity
1 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Fur

Screaming Horns
armor set bone
[A]: Scream. Non-deaf insane survivors gain + 1 movement until the end of the round. All other survivors gain + 1 insanity.


Screaming Skirt
armor set fur
Thick, protective fur protects your parts. Add + 1 to severe waist injury roll results.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion


Founding Stone
weapon melee stone
Spend [A] to sling the stone from anywhere on the board! Archive this card for 1 automatic hit that inflicts a critical wound. Archive: Return this card to the game box.


Screaming Coat
armor set fur
[Slam]: Spend [M] to full more forward in a straight line. If you move 4+ spaces and stop adjacent to a monster, it suffers [Knockback 1] and - 1 toughness until the end of the round.



[A]: Remove up to 2 bleeding tokens from yourself or an adjacent survivor.


Screaming Leg Warmers
armor set fur
On arrival your feet hurt, gain + 3 insanity.


Screaming Bracers
armor set fur
On arrival, if possible, add an Acanthus Plant terrain card to the showdown. When you activate terrain, you may add + 2 to your roll result.


Round Leather Shield
weapon melee shield leather
Add 1 [Armor] to all hit locations. [Block 1]: Spend [A] to ignore 1 hit the next time you are attacked. Last until your next act. You cannot use block more than once per attack.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Crossarm Block
Whenever you are hit, after hit locations are rolled, you may change 1 result to the arms hit location.
Performance Anxiety
You're not ready to love.
You cannot be nominated for [Intimacy].
Cure this disorder if you have 8+ courage.
You believe in honor and fairness when conducting yourself on the battlefield. It is these strong principles that have kept you alive, and you will not abandon them under any circumstances.
You cannot attack a monster from its blind spot or if it is knocked down.
You carry the weight of your settlement on your shoulders. Everyone is counting on you to save them, and you will rise to the challenge.
If you are insane when you [depart], gain + 1 survival and + 1 strength token.
Weapon Proficiency: Shield Specialist: No Master: No
Green Life Exchange Green Savior Ageless
Other Conditions