A Team- Harmony Hamm Survivor Build 30 Aug 2016

Dingle Savior of the Lantern
Child of the Sun, Warrior of the Sun(Reflection)
Gear Grid
3 Blue Affinity
3 Green Affinity
3 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None

The Cloth protects your waist. Gain 1 armor point at the waist hit location.


Regal Gauntlet
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]


Regal Helm
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]



Eye Patch
item leather
While you wear this, you are blind in one eye ( - 1 accuracy). If you are already blind, gain + 2 strength for being a badass instead.


Regal Faulds
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]


Regal Plackart
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]


Screaming Leg Warmers
armor set fur
On arrival your feet hurt, gain + 3 insanity.


Rainbow Katana
weapon melee katana finesse two-handed
Frail. Gains [Deadly]



Blood Sheath
item bone other
Block 1. When Rainbow Katana is left of the Blood Sheath, it loses [Frail] and gains [Sharp] (add 1d10 strength to each wound attempt).

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Kings Step
Whenever you attack, you may discard any number of [Battle Pressure] hit locations drawn and draw an equal number of new hit locations.
Whenever you attack, after drawing hit locations, but before rolling to wound, you may choose one hit location drawn and discard it to draw a new hit location.
Traps will cancel these effects.
Sun Eater
Your body mysteriously absorbs light. At the start of each showdown, gain survival up to the settlement's Survival Limit.
If you have any + 1 Strength tokens, you may spend them all to perform the [Surge] survival action (following all of its normal rules and restrictions).
Sneak Attack
When you attack a monster from its blind spot, gain + 4 strength for that attack.
You love the feeling of being needed.
When an adjacent survivor is knocked down, you are also knocked down as you rush to their aid.
Weak Spot
You have an imaginary infirmity.
When you gain this disorder, roll a random hit location and record it. You cannot [depart] unless you have armor at this hit location.
Weapon Proficiency: Katana Specialist: Yes Master: No
Reflection: All Affinities, Dodge whenever, +1d10 wound attempts in blind King's Curse: All but Legs
Other Conditions
Superhair: Adjacent; spend Action to move any tokens freely
Sauna: +1 Armor and +2 Str tokens