A Team- Ruin Survivor Build 25 Aug 2016

Wise Fool of the Antelope
Child of the Sun, Warrior of the Sun(Refraction)
Gear Grid
7 Blue Affinity
7 Green Affinity
7 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Warlord

Leather Bracers
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 survival.



Green Charm
item jewelry fragile
+ 1
[Undeathable]: When you would die, roll a 1d10. On a 6+, you inexplicably survive.


Screaming Horns
armor set bone
[A]: Scream. Non-deaf insane survivors gain + 1 movement until the end of the round. All other survivors gain + 1 insanity.


Lantern Mail
armor set metal heavy




First Aid Kit
item heavy
On arrival, all survivors gain + 3 survival. [A]: Remove 1 bleeding or negative attribute token from yourself or an adjacent survivor.


Counterweighted Axe
weapon melee axe two-handed
Reach 2. On a Perfect hit, do not draw a hit location. Monster suffers 1 wound.


Phoenix Plackart
armor set feather metal flammable
If insane, ignore the first hit each round and suffer 1 brain damage instead.


Lantern Greaves
armor set metal heavy
+ 2 Movement



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Thrill Seeker
Whenever you gain survival during the showdown phase, gain 1 additional survival.
Timeless Eye
Your attack roll is a Perfect hit on a result of 9 or 10.
You cannot use Timeless Eye if you have the blind severe head injury.
You cannot lose or remove this fighting art.
Gain + 1 strength for each [AR] you have. You cannot be nominated for [Intimacy]. You ignore [Extreme Heat].
At the start of your act, lose 1 survival. At the end of your act, if your survival is 0 or you have any + 1 strength tokens, your organs cook themselves and you die.
Weak Spot
You have an imaginary infirmity.
When you gain this disorder, roll a random hit location and record it. You cannot [depart] unless you have armor at this hit location.
You don't have any emotions. You've hidden this from everyone by mimicking their social interactions.
You cannot gain +1 strength tokens.
Weapon Proficiency: Axe Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Refraction: Affinities count as all, Survival Actions supply survival +1 Blue Affinity
Endless Babble: No Encourage, +1 INS all
Other Conditions
Ageless Superhair: Adjacent; Action exchange tokens
Sauna: +1 Armor, No tokens for Emotionless Aged and then re-aged