Gigalion game Survivor Build 24 Jan 2020

Gear Grid
0 Blue Affinity
0 Green Affinity
0 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None

Bone Darts
weapon ranged thrown bone
Range 6. [Frail]: When you attempt to wound a super-dense hit location, this weapon breaks. Archive this card at the end of the attack.



Armor Spikes
item bone heavy
If adjacent to the monster when you suffer a severe body injury, the monster suffers a wound. Limit, once per round.



Skull Helm
armor bone fragile
When you suffer a severe head injury, the Skull Helm is destroyed. Archive this card.


Regal Plackart
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]


Skullcap Hammer
weapon melee club bone
On a Perfect hit, the monster is dazed, and gains - 1 speed token until the end of the turn. A Monster can be dazed once per round.



Bone Earrings
item jewelry bone
At the start of the showdown, gain + 2 speed and + 2 strength tokens if insane and all gear in your gear grid has the bone keyword.


Regal Faulds
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]


Regal Greaves
armor bone metal
[Cursed] At the aftermath, [King's Curse]

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Kings Step
Whenever you attack, you may discard any number of [Battle Pressure] hit locations drawn and draw an equal number of new hit locations.
Whenever you attack, after drawing hit locations, but before rolling to wound, you may choose one hit location drawn and discard it to draw a new hit location.
Traps will cancel these effects.
Clutch Fighter
While you have 3 or more blood tokens, gain + 1 strength and + 1 accuracy.
You can't handle bad smells.
You cannot [depart] with any [stinky] gear in your gear grid. If a status or effect would cause you to become [stinky], lose all your survival.
Post-Traumatic Stress
The last hunt was harrowing. All you can do is cower and relive the trauma. Only time can heal your wounds.
Next settlement phase, you do not contribute or participate in any endeavors.
Skip the next hunt to recover
Weapon Proficiency: Club Specialist: Yes Master: No
Other Conditions