A Team- Sazed Survivor Build 24 Aug 2016

Brainless Savior of the Lantern
Child of the Sun, Warrior of the Sun(Refraction)
Gear Grid
3 Blue Affinity
3 Green Affinity
3 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Leather

Leather Bracers
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 survival.



Forsaker Mask
item mask metal other
[Unique] [Irreplaceable] [Accessory] During the aftermath, you run off into the darkness never to be seen again. During the Settlement Phase, you may archive this item to build the Mask Maker location


Leather Mask
armor set leather
When you depart, gain + 2 insanity.


Leather Skirt
armor set leather




God’s String
item other
[Unique] When a bow is below the God's String, it gains [Sharp] and its range is increased by 1.


Leather Cuirass
armor set leather




Sun Vestments
item silk flammable
Ignore [Cumbersome] When you have any + 1 strength tokens, increase the range of your Perfect hits by 1.


Sunring Bow
weapon ranged two-handed bone
[Range 5] [Unique] [Cumbersome] On a Perfect hit, do not draw a hit location. Monster suffers 1 wound.


Leather Boots
armor set leather
At the end of your act, you may move one space.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Combo Master
On a Perfect hit, make 1 additional attack roll.
Timeless Eye
Your attack roll is a Perfect hit on a result of 9 or 10.
You cannot use Timeless Eye if you have the blind severe head injury.
Legendary Lungs
Once per attack, for each successful hit make an additional attack roll.
You love the feeling of being needed.
When an adjacent survivor is knocked down, you are also knocked down as you rush to their aid.
Weapon Proficiency: Bow Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Refraction: All affinities, After Survival gain Survival
Other Conditions
Nightmare Membrane: Action & Move; trade all tokens for Strength Superhair: Adjacent; Action freely exchange tokens
Sauna: +1 Armor, +2 Str Tokens