Gwyn Le'Fey Survivor Build 04 Mar 2016

Shining Hero of the Pheonix
The Wanderer
Former leader of the Shambala, after her lantern went out she wanders the waist lands searching for her lost children.
Gear Grid
2 Blue Affinity
4 Green Affinity
2 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: Green Knight

Green Gloves
armor set metal
[paired] If you hit 4 or more times in a single attack with this weapon, the monster suffers 1 wound before hit locations are drawn.


Green Helm
armor set bone metal
+ 1 luck. When a monster attacks you, you may elect to take a hit on the head and roll 1d10. On a 6+, ignore the hit. If adjacent, it suffers 1 wound.


Black Sword
weapon melee sword heavy
On a Perfect hit, gain + 1 survival. If you are a Sword Master, you understand this weapons potential. It gains +20 strength.


weapon set melee sword finesse bone metal
[Sharp] [Deadly] [savage] When you wound, Block 2 with Fetorsaurus for free.


Green Plate
armor set metal gormskin
At the start of the showdown, draw 3 tactics cards. When you attack, the extra weight grants leverage. You weapon gains the club keyword.


weapon set melee shield metal
[Unique] [Block 1] When you wound with this shield, you may spend 1 survival to add [1 Armor] to all hit locations. Limit, once per attack.



First Aid Kit
item heavy
On arrival, all survivors gain + 3 survival. [A]: Remove 1 bleeding or negative attribute token from yourself or an adjacent survivor.


Green Faulds
armor set metal other
[Range 4] At the end of your attach, gain + 1 accuracy token for each Perfect hit. When knocked down, remove all your + 1 accuracy tokens.


Green Boots
armor set bone heavy metal
[Unique] When you would a monster, add [1 Armor] to a random hit location.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Whenever you encourage a survivor, they gain + 1 speed token until the end of the round.
Once per hunt phase, you may inspire another survivor. They use your understanding and courage to resolve a hunt or story event. (Example: if you have 3+ courage you can inspire another survivor to walk the path of the brave during Overwhelming Darkness.)
Once per showdown, you may spend [A] to suffer bash and the frenzy brain trauma.
King of a Thousand Battles
Gain + 2 accuracy, + 2 strength, + 2 evasion.
You may [dodge] any number of times in a round.
Only one survivor may have this Secret Fighting Art.
You carry the weight of your settlement on your shoulders. Everyone is counting on you to save them, and you will rise to the challenge.
If you are insane when you [depart], gain + 1 survival and + 1 strength token.
Weapon Proficiency: Sword Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Ageless, Bitter Frenzy, Burnt Nerves
Other Conditions
Destroyed Genitals, Gamblers Scars
Wanderer (HR) - No Max Survival, May spend Survival to alter non showdown rolls by 1. If the Murder event is used the Wanderer will kill the Murderer.