NO EXPANSION TRAPPER Survivor Build 01 Feb 2018

Gear Grid
5 Blue Affinity
1 Green Affinity
1 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None


Blue Charm
item jewelry fragile
+ 1
[Unshakeable]: When you draw a Trap, roll 1d10. On a 6+, discard the Trap and reshuffle the deck.


Screaming Horns
armor set bone
[A]: Scream. Non-deaf insane survivors gain + 1 movement until the end of the round. All other survivors gain + 1 insanity.


Lantern Glaive
weapon melee spear axe two-handed finesse metal
[Reach 2] [Sharp] Add 1d10 strength to each would attempt. [Early Iron]: When an attack roll result is 1, cancel any hits and end the attack.


Screaming Skirt
armor set fur
Thick, protective fur protects your parts. Add + 1 to severe waist injury roll results.


Screaming Leg Warmers
armor set fur
On arrival your feet hurt, gain + 3 insanity.


Screaming Bracers
armor set fur
On arrival, if possible, add an Acanthus Plant terrain card to the showdown. When you activate terrain, you may add + 2 to your roll result.


Screaming Coat
armor set fur
[Slam]: Spend [M] to full more forward in a straight line. If you move 4+ spaces and stop adjacent to a monster, it suffers [Knockback 1] and - 1 toughness until the end of the round.



Lucky Charm
item jewelry
+ 1 luck



Cat Eye Circlet
item jewelry other
[A]: Reveal the next 3 monster hit locations and put them back in any order.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Weapon Proficiency: Spear Specialist: Yes Master: Yes
Other Conditions