Erza Survivor Build 22 Apr 2018

Gear Grid
1 Blue Affinity
0 Green Affinity
2 Red Affinity
Set Bonus: None

Rawhide Headband
armor set rawhide
[A]: Reveal the top 2 [AI]. Place them back on top of the deck in any order.



Monster Grease
item consumable soluble stinky
Gain + 1 evasion
+ 1 evasion


Rawhide Pants
armor set rawhide



Rawhide Vest
armor set rawhide
+ 1 evasion


Rawhide Gloves
armor set rawhide
When you depart, gain + 1 survival.


Rawhide Boots
armor set rawhide
When you depart, gain + 1 survival.



Monster Tooth Necklace
item jewelry bone
Gain + 1 strength
+ 1 strength


Bone Blade
weapon melee sword bone
[Frail]: When you attempt to wound a super-dense hit location, this weapon breaks. Archive this card at the end of the attack.



Dried Acanthus
item herb consumable
When you depart, gain + 2 survival. When you suffer a severe injury, ignore it and archive this card instead.

Fighting Arts & Disorders
Orator of Death
Once per showdown, you may spend [A] to have all non-deaf survivors gain + 2 insanity.
When you die, you [encourage] all survivors with your last words.
Rhythm Chaser
On [arrival], gain + 1 evasion token. When you are knocked down, if you don’t have an instrument in your gear grid, remove all your + 1 evasion tokens.
Rhythm Chaser cannot be used if there are is any heavy gear in your grid.
Weapon Proficiency: Katar Specialist: Yes Master: No
Synchronized Strike SFA
Other Conditions
Already gained Bold