KD:M 1.5 - Core Game Update Pack Details

1.5 Update New Edition Changelog

New Epilogue

Update: 1

Story Event, Illustration, 2 game book pages

New Fighting Art
Synchronized Strike
Update: 2

Designed to shift focus from a few superior Survivors to the Settlement

New Gear
Oxidized Lantern Weapons
Update: 2

New Gear after the Watcher

1.5 Rulebook
Hardcover Rulebook
Update: 4

Hardcover rulebook with 1.5 updates. Included in the 1.5 Update Pack and available as a $40 Add-On

Storage Tray
Upgraded Sturdy Storage Tray
Update: 8

Game Update
Revised Hunt Table & Young Survivor Narrative mini
Update: 10

Overhaul of the Hunt Table for narrative fit and rule clarity

Gear Update
Revised Cat Gut Bow
Update: 11

Game Update
Improved Art Innovations
Update: 17

Updated Art related Innovations and Fighting Art mechanics

Game Update
Updates to Screaming Antelope Monster
Update: 26

Updates to the Screaming Antelope Monster with terrain, reward and Innovation changes

Game Update
Improved Music Innovations
Update: 26

Updated Music Innovations to improve their usefulness

New Mini + Gear
Bone Club and Old Survivor mini
Update: 31

- Old Survivor mini
- Bone Club Gear
- Updates to the Bone Smith Settlement Location adding the Bone Club

Game Update
Improved Club Specialization
Update: 35

Updates to Club Specialization
Game +Gear Update
New Hunt Board + Rawhide Drum
Update: 46

New Monster
Gold Smoke Knight
Update: 1

+1 Gold Smoke Knight
+1 Custom Gold Smoke Knight Base Insert
+2 Story Events
+ 50 Game Cards
+ 5 Lantern Years to Campaign