Other Kingdom Death: Monster Resources

The Nexus of Comprehensive Expansion Reviews by Italics on Board Game Geek
KDM Community and Twitch Game Night - Discord servers for KD/K:DM
FDDLSTYX - has a detailed listing of KD and KD:M releases
Black Hand Painting - if you want your minis to look like the KickStarter 1.5 video
Techraptor KD Journal
Gorm Herder
The Hobby Ambit - KD mini painting - some pretty advanced stuff
Davogrod's painted miniatures - KD mini painting and lots of other inspiration!
- Davogrod sent over his magnetized Spidicules - it's a lot of greenstuff but a way easier to store and transport
Death Toll: Kickstarter Reference
Board Game Geek
Cool Mini or Not
Mobile Campaign Manager
KD:M iOS Character Sheet

Miniature Customization