Other Kingdom Death: Monster Resources

Check on old models and track your collection at KDM Collector
The Nexus of Comprehensive Expansion Reviews by Italics on Board Game Geek
KDM Community and Twitch Game Night - Discord servers for KD/K:DM
FDDLSTYX - has a detailed listing of KD and KD:M releases
Black Hand Painting - if you want your minis to look like the KickStarter 1.5 video
Techraptor KD Journal
Gorm Herder
The Hobby Ambit - KD mini painting - some pretty advanced stuff
Davogrod's painted miniatures - KD mini painting and lots of other inspiration!
- Davogrod sent over his magnetized Spidicules - it's a lot of greenstuff but a way easier to store and transport
Death Toll: Kickstarter Reference
Board Game Geek
Cool Mini or Not
Mobile Campaign Manager
KD:M iOS Character Sheet

Miniature Customization