Candy & Cola Build Updated 20 March, 2016

Candy & Cola are part of the Kickstarter Promo Collection and is used in the KD:M Challenge Scenarios supplement

Sprue front

Sprue back

Components in assembly order:

  • base is a standard 30mm base
  • legs are left and right
  • torso is two part body and d├ęcolletage
  • arms are left and right with stone and lantern
  • head is two part
  • skirt is three part rear with side clasps which are left / right specific
  • Cola is three parts: torso, hair and face - note that Cola is not attached to the left arm, left them off for now

on base with legs and torso

arms and d├ęcolletage


skirt with clasp right side

skirt with clasp left side

Final assembley front view with Cola. Update: Mark H (thanks!) pointed out a reference image that Cola's tail has holes that line up with the legs which can be seen in the "Sprue back" image above

Final assembley rear view