Gold Smoke Knight (1.5) October 2017

Gold Smoke Knight is part of the KD:M 1.5 Update. Model is included with the Old & Young Survivors

sprue front

sprue back

careful clipping parts from the sprue – there are 3 connection points: one on each leg and another for the maul

special 50mm base insert

large and small smoke. clipped the larger smoke a bit on the angle for a better fit. slots marked with black marker

base with smoke

three part head: left and right head with face

left and right head assembly

with face attached. this is a tight fit

four part leg and body assembly

legs have a tab in the crotch and dot guides on the rear. shown assembled on the back

slide the head assembly in-between the shoulders for fit, then attach the chest. side view shown. dont worry too much about the gap on this side, the left arm will cover it

four part leg and body assembly with three part head assembly on base. used the pegs on the feet to slide into the base

left arm attached, front quarter view

left arm attached, rear quarter view

right arm with maul. note the square tab for maul head alignment

clipped the square tab as I wanted to swing the face up, maul head assembled

right arm attached, front quarter view. note the gap in the shoulder. plastic glue will give you a bit of flexibility when attaching this piece, but I had to hold it in place to set. will fill the gap before painting

right arm attached, rear quarter view

maul head with face up

left and right poleyn. when clipping the model off the sprue, I thought these would make great survivor masks and forgot them in the first build

poleyn attached front, no base, clipped pegs

poleyn attached rear, no base, clipped pegs

final front with base

final rear with base