Kingdom Death Lore Tropes

The Fighter

The Fighter is a host to parasitic worms that regenerate her body. They make her near-immortal, pale, and her eyes yellow. The worms feed off the water and salt in her body and thus she must consume copious amounts of both to stay alive but the resulting diet keeps her body swollen, obscuring her muscular frame. Her fighting style is sloppy and agressive, unhindered by fear of harm.

The Mage

The Mage comes from settlement of Aromachologists. Their magic, distilled oils from a variety of eccentric entities. Maybe, the settlement met a terrible fate, the raw oil from the Vermillion Raven reducing the population to mere doll like husks. And it may be the Mage escaped with a fistful of her kin and the twisted will to burn them for power to ensure her continued prosperity.

The Thief

Maybe she is a frantic Savior's painting come to life. Or perhaps she comes from a small village at the center of a rainbow-hued swamp that absorbs the life of its inhabitants for generations before it awakes and paints a tapestry across the horizon. She could also be a renegade from a far developed Sun Stalker settlement. One day we'll set the record straight.


Once a cursed witch at the bottom of a lake, she traded her arm to god and was reborn. Her powerful magic keeps her watery body semi-frozen and corporeal so she may quest and bring light to other wretched souls across the Land. The divine scythe she carries is a reminder of her own defiance of death.


This Knight's order casts their initiates out into the world. Their weapons, capable of cutting time and space, are used to sever the knights from their homes, sending them wandering through the world. So the knight must travel, performing enough good deeds to sufficiently convince her living weapon of the purity of her intention. Only then will she be allowed to return to join her anointed brother and sister knights.

Knight Variant



The dreaded Necromancer hailed from the citadel of black magic. One grief stricken night, the Necromancer cast a mighty spell to give rebirth to a lost lover, imparting her with an entirely new lifetime. The cost was dear and the necromancer's form was reduced to a single gnarled hand. Since then, the Nercomancer has used his feeble power to remain at the young girl's side, guiding her to seek power in the dark arts so that one day she may discover a way to restore him.

Necromancer Variant