Watcher Build 12 October, 2015

BGG user sionzris sent me a link to their Watcher build which is likley more in line with the intended build, please have a look to compare

Warning: I took some liberties on the lanterns and vines. Scroll down to the last image and search Google and Bing for images to compare builds. I'm happy with the way my Watcher turned out

CowardlyHero on the KD:M reddit notes my deviaions from KD:M images:

  • Chained Lantern was placed in the hole for the Cloth Strip
  • Cloth Strip was placed in the hole for the Energy Piece
  • Energy Piece was placed in the hole for the Chained Lantern

Final build

Watcher on sprue

Components clipped - be careful - there are a lot of tabs on these parts which are easy to clip. Components in general assembly order:

  • Front torso, lanterns on chains
  • Rear torso, single lanterns
  • 50mm base
  • Cowl ribbon and head
  • Robe ribbons and vines

Initial chained and hanging lantern assemblies on inside of front torso. Test fit the cliped chained lanterns for fit. Above image shows my assembly order, right to left looking at the torso - note the two lanterns (no chain with tabs on rear) on the front of the robes. I also broke about 1/4 inch off the end of the chained lantern (far left in the picture), just clipped clean and glued the end of the chain into the slot

Cut and folded index card to hold first vine and last chained lantern in place, left about 5 minutes to let the glue set

Front torso attached

Bottom tabbed ribbon added then attached to base. Glued at base, middle and end of ribbon. Supported with cut and folded index card, left 10 minutes

Added cowl ribbon and head, starting to come together

Added side ribbon (glued to tab and where it touches robe), two tabbed lanterns and vine

Added ribbon to right side, slot is underneath on inside of robe. Amateur tip: a bead of plastic glue can hide seam gaps enough for paint.

Small clip to vine and added it to fold in robe

Added vine to slot on right shoulder

Added vine to slot on right side of cowl

Final showing last small lantern attached to left side of cowl.