Challenge Scenario Cards Updated 17 February, 2016

Challenge Scenario Update from the Wave 3 Shipping Announcement

"These were sort of a flop. We worked pretty hard on them, tested and tried to ensure each was a fun little mini game. The feedback from the beta’s has made it pretty clear and I see no reason to finalize them any further. They will remain online and available for any to enjoy as they are.

I will be taking a new approach with the content. Mainly the gear. The gear will be revisited, redesigned and given crafting recipes, so that it can more naturally be added to campaigns. The PDF’s will be made available for free and a pack of cards will eventually make its way to our online store, available for free + packing and shipping.

I love all the characters involved, so I want to ensure that the content evolves appropriately."

The Challenge Scenarios Beta (3.19) was released at The PDF download contains printable cards to support the various actions. Considered printing on cardstock, cutting and adding sleeves but decided to try making something that fit a bit better in the game’s decks. Below is a step by step to print and create custom Challenge Scenario Cards.

Files used in this build:

Materials & Tools:

  • Avery 8395 is used to print the standard size card face. The 2 1/3 inch by 3 3/8 inch size fits closely with the standard card size. Also went with this as the finished size will fit into the card sleeves noted on Organizing KD:M
  • Avery 22816 is used to print the gear cards. 2 inch by 2 inch is perfect for the 53mm Mage card sleeves and seamless when used on the grid
  • Neenah Creative Collection Textured Premium Cardstock is used for card backs. I used art from the Challenge Scenario for the standard card back and a gear image for the gear card back
  • Round corner punch is used to round the corners. Standard punches like this are widely available
  • Hewlett Packard CP1025NW color laser printer and imagine that any recent color printer would give similar results

  • Acquire materials needed
  • Download relevant file
  • Print a test page and match up sizing
  • Print final standard and gear cards on the Avery sticker sheets – note that the direction (marked on the page) makes a difference.
  • Ensure you’re feeding the sheet correctly
  • Print card backs
  • Orient front and back of sheets if using a printed card back
  • Fold back Avery sticker sheets to align to card back
  • Check orientation of front and back of sheets if using a printed card back
  • Double check orientation of front and back of sheets if using a printed card back
  • Align folded back Avery sticker sheet to card back
  • Apply Avery sticky side onto card back
  • Peel away backing
  • Repeat until complete
  • Cut cards from card back
  • Punch corners
  • Swear while punching every. single. corner.
  • Sleeve
  • Pour a double bourbon and enjoy
Some images are a touch overexposed on purpose to highlight detail

Avery 8395 and 22816 sticker label sheets. The 8395 name tags are nice, some sort of plastic that resists bending/tearing. The 22816 are paper but a perfect match to gear cards

Cardstock. This is pretty heavy 80 pound stuff. I picked it up because it had various muted colors. I chose brown for my first set of card backs

Gear cards printed with card back

Pull off the template waste

Fold back an edge halfway across the sticker

Check to make sure the card back is oriented correctly if you have a printed card back. Align the sticker back to the edge of the card back and set the stickers

Same with the other side

Same with the middle

Standard cards printed with card backs. My first print run had three mistakes. I had a double Young Lion, no Relentless Lion and only 1 of the Twilight Knight Hit Locations (need two each). The templates linked above have all the cards that I’m aware of

Check to make sure the card back is oriented correctly if you have a printed card back

Fold back an edge halfway across the sticker

Align the sticker back to the edge of the card back and set the stickers

Half done

Other side

Standard and Gear cards all set

Card backs line up

Everything cut out. If you plan to (or already have) card sleeves, try to use the same ones so the deck has the same feel. As noted in the Challenge Scenario download "When you build a deck with multiple card backs, draw from the bottom of the deck rather than the top to avoid revealing what card comes next." Cutting is a bit of an art in itself, you owe it to yourself to use good, sharp, craft specific scissors. Don’t worry too much about the corners, that’s next. Note: my first pass only had 1 of each of the Twilight Knights Hit Location cards. There are two each in the template files now

This is a corner punch

This is the underside of said corner punch, showing the outline of the rounded corner that you will put on and press into every. single. corner. of all the cards. “They” make heavier ones with levers (like a stapler) that are much easier to use repeatedly. If this ends up being a regular occurrence I may invest in one

Three of each card type from the first set printed

In sleeves

Gear card close up with KD:M cards

Standard card close up with KD:M cards


Reading the scenarios and making other custom cards as helpers. Here is the "Adam & Anna" card, working on "Survivor Setup" reference cards, for example: Paul the Savior, his character sheet attributes, disorders and gear