Organizing Kingdom Death: Monster 16 January, 2017

Check out the Build Guide for the Top Down Terrain Kingdom Death: Monster - Organizer

Some pictures of how to organize the base game into the provided tray as well as protective sleeve suggestions.
Inspired by the recommendations made by poeticallybored at BGG here

This is a picture of the 1.0 insert and the 1.5 core game insert is different. I'm now using the Top Down Terrain KD:M Organizer
Tray for the game was broken and cracked in several places, used black duct tape to fix with additional cardboard to reinforce the sides and inside corners.

Settlement Locations


Settlement Location Cards: Ultra Pro Horizontal Booklet One-Touch Resealable Bags - 50 count, need 1
Ended up laminating the front of the Settlement Locations and clipping with a rounded corner punch

Settlement Location in sleeve, front

Settlement Location in sleeve, rear

Settlement Events


Vincent sent me a picture of sleeves he is using for Settlement Events, link to Amazon
Ended up laminating the front of the Settlement Events and clipping with a rounded corner punch

Standard Cards


Standard Cards - Pro 56mm X 87mm Standard American Board Game Sleeves - 50 count, need 13(!). I tried other sleeves but they tend to be 1-2mm long and/or wide. Standard Cards in sleeve, front and back – note the Ultra Pro hologram/logo on one side

Gear Cards


Gear Cards (updated link, thanks Scott!) - Mage Company 53mm x 53mm Card Sleeves – 50 count, need 7. Shown in sleeve, front and back

Vincent also sent an issue with the 53x53 Mage cards that ended up being 52! While Mage is taking care of it, please be aware that this may happen

First layer with the 2 Large Card and Gear Card trays - note that everything is sleeved per Organizing KD:M

Second layer with Terrain, Token and Event trays