Phoenix Body Build 14 November, 2015

Part 1 of the Phoenix monster build, focusing on the body. See the Phoenix Hand build page for details on assembling the hands onto the body
For inspiration, take a look at Davogrod's painted Phoenix

Good clippers are needed to trim the sections that connect a piece to the sprue. A few cuts need different angles and smooth fitting pieces are essential to this build. This build is broken up in several sections:

  • sprue photos – 6 total of 3 sprues front and back
  • tail – 5 parts
  • torso, wings, talons – 6 parts
  • base – 4 parts
  • face – 8 parts

Left wing sprue front

Left wing sprue back

Right wing sprue front

Right wing sprue back

Hands sprue front

Hands sprue back

“Drool” sections

“Drool” sections glued. Did these first and set them aside to try. Will probably leave this off as it gets in the way of painting and sets in the mouth with the tab well

Tail section parts

Attach small tail piece to underside of main tail

Attach larger underside piece

Attach left and right legs – test for fitment first, smooth faces match up

Torso and wings with talons

Connect left and right torso pieces

Attach left and right wings – test for fitment first, smooth faces match up

Attach left and right talons

Connect tail to torso – test for fitment first, smooth faces match up

Base pieces

Attach large rock with feet to back section

Attach end piece

Attach “center rear” piece

Connect base to legs – test for fitment first, smooth faces match up

Attach left and right hands

Face pieces

Attach lower jaw

Attach right side

Attach left side

Attach face, line up the top seams as shown as there is a space between the jaw and this piece to leave a maw

Attach beak

Face looking at right for context

Face head on showing maw

Remember the “drool”?, insert tab here. I did not glue this to the mouth for easier painting. Attach the beard

Phoenix monster body assembled, looking left. The 100mm base is not attached

Phoenix body assembled, looking right. The 100mm base is not attached.
Recommend letting this dry overnight and proceeding to the Phoenix Hands guide