Kingdom Death Lore Black Knight

Black Knight

They say if you take a lantern that never lit down the trail of corpses and past the whispering stars you will find an ancient figure atop a crest of determined faces. Treasured by a hidden cult of loyal squires, the figure will awaken for only the most honorable of challengers.


Percival is a member of a small order called the Black Knights. The Black Knights were founded by a militaristic settlement that hoped to conqueror the darkness and provide a safe haven for humanity. A great crusade called the Black Knights into action and Percival left her home never to be seen again. Before leaving, she commanded her loyal companion, a young puppy, to wait for her safe return. He still waits to this day.

Black Knight Squire - Female

When their guardian falls unconscious from exhaustion the Squires emerge from their hidden dwellings to maintain the knight's time-worn equipment. They work methodically, timing the most noisy parts of their activity to their sleeping protector's snores and dreams.

Black Knight Squire - Male

For generations, the Black Knight has unknowingly defended a settlement of people hidden in the ruins of it's home. They have become self-appointed loyal squires, creating a position of honor that wears the heraldry of the knight and secretly toils in its service. When invaders appear, the squires watch from the shadows so they may treasure the lessons of their master.