Phoenix Hands Build Updated 18 March, 2016

Part 2 of the Phoenix monster build, focusing on the hands. See the Phoenix Body build page for details on assembling core model. Two styles are presented: bare model with numbering and built model with numbering. Recommend small needle nose pliers to assist with holding the hands. It can help to rotate the Phoenix instead of turning/pivoting your hand to fit these. Pretty straightforward: clip a hand, line it up, tiny spot of plastic glue, fit.

This builds generated more input than all the others combined. Figured folks would sort out where #20 goes but after a few funny (and angry!) emails: #20 (three hands) fits into the cloaca - thanks Yaroslav for the anatomy education!

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Close up of the hands on sprue. Note reference numbers, these are used below. I've received some feedback on the hands, please take these into account when building your Phoenix!

Nic via email
updated in build image below
#1 missing
#19 belongs where #18 is
#1 belongs where #19 is
#18 belongs on the hand just above #21

Mishenka via BGG
updated in build image below
lower-left wing in the bottom-left region: the numbers are shifted down and #1 is missing
Drake via email
not updated as I only count 5 slots
#26 should say #8
the unlabeled hand beside #22 should say #26

Bare upper right wing

Built upper right wing

Bare upper left wing

Built upper left wing

Bare lower right wing

Built lower right wing

Bare lower left wing

Built lower left wing

Final Phoenix build