Naked White Speaker Build 18 December, 2015

The White Speaker is a moderately complex build on a single small sprue

Sprue front

Sprue back

Components clipped and arrayed in assembly order:

  • base with stand and insert
  • torso is single
  • legs are left and right – right leg has a garter insert, note the tab/slot to the torso with smooth side to leg
  • right and left arms are single piece, open hand and holding knife
  • bikini skirting
  • three part cape
  • two part head with hair – there is a masked and unmasked face to select
  • did not attach the spear

Base with stand and insert. Test fit the insert before gluing, it will fit flush with the top of the stand

Torso and legs attached to base

With arms

Cape is three parts, shown in assembly order

Assembled cape. Lightly slide glue along the edge and match the pattern. Hold for 20-30 seconds to set then add the 3rd the same way. Let this set for a few minutes before attaching

With cape and head. I trimmed the tab off the back of the head and attached the base of the ponytail adjusted a little higher than the tab to clear the cape

Final build front view

Final build rear view