Unarmored Survivors Build 6 April, 2016

The Unarmored Survivors sprue is interesting because there are three “weapon” options: stones, lanterns or free hands. All of the others offer multiple (tough) choice options. There are also 11 multi part head assemblies. Most are 2 part, some are 3 or 4. They’re lettered below with a front and back view then a breakout of their assembly.

Sprue Front

Sprue Back

Front faces

Rear faces

Update 6 April, 2016. Lordbravura pointed out on BGG that the Female C face was missing parts. Reviewed the Unarmored sprue and added the left and right side curls

Face assembly

Build plan with components in assembly order:

  • Male A uses arms E with lantern and H with stone
  • Male B uses arms G with stone and F with lantern
  • Female A uses arms A with lantern and B with stone
  • Female B uses arms C with lantern and D with stone

Close up Male A: E and H arms

Close up Male B: G and F arms

Close up Female A: A and B arms

Close up Female B: C and D arms

In progress males – leg to waist, torso halves and set onto base

In progress females – leg to waist, torso halves and set onto base

In progress set with lanterns and stones attached

Completed Male A

Completed Male B

Completed Female A

Completed Female B

Completed Unarmored Survivors