Kingdom Death Catalog

Cataloging the releases on the Kingdom Death Shop

Things to know:

  • “First Run” resin miniatures are usually numbered 1-500 with prices ~ $27 USD. These are collectable miniatures boxed with a postcard sized art card, poker card sized art card and a card sized certificate of authentcity. Tend to sell out the day they are released. Does not contain KD:M game content. A 2nd group of 500 (the "Encore" release) has varying availability but tend to sell out within a week for popular characters
  • Monsters and characters in resin with first run counts of 100-250 and prices from $40 to $125 USD usually sell out in hours
  • Older casts are being produced to meet popular demand and release periodically and resin releases sometimes make their way into a plastic version
  • Some duplicate links in places where it makes sense to group them
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