Rawhide Armor Survivors Build 13 October, 2015

Final build

Sprue Front

Sprue Back

Inital weapon selection - these are not the ones built below, made some changes to the females.
Weapons come in threes: held left, helf right and no hand.
Arms are a bit tricky as inside forearms are separate components.
Some flash (production seams or sprue attatchement points) is in the slots for heads. Small clips or a scraper can be used or the plastic glue will melt it to the head tab after a minute or so.
Arm order from left to right, letter/number is marked on sprue:

  • Male A Right: straight arm
  • Male A Left: F1 & 2
  • Male B Right: bent arm
  • Male B Left: D1 & 2
  • Standing Female Right: K1 & 2
  • Standing Female Left: J1 & 2
  • Kneeling Female Right: I1 & 2
  • Kneeling Female Left: L1 & 2

General order of assembly:

  • Legs (if needed), front and back torso, base
  • Forearms (if needed), arms to torso
  • Collar and head
  • Weapons and helm

Legs, torso, base

Arms, collar, weapon, head. Some changes made while building, along with comments:

  • Standing female: clipped ponytail off to fit around collar. Small trim and attached on top
  • Kneeling female: I couldnt sort out the back of the head and didnt want to use the other solid female head so I added the helm in the raised position
  • This is my Kickstarter Rawhide Armor sprue. Not sure if the the 3 piece circular items are stumps, crowns or decorations so I clipped the bare axe and glued for a bit of scenery and may attatch to the kneeling female base. Update: turns out (thanks GiantLocust @BGG) that the "3 piece circular items" are Drums, a gear item you can make in the game. Don't make it an axe stump like I did!

Male A: Masked head, whip and pickaxe

Make B: Skull head, pickaxe and sickle

Standing Female: Masked face with adjusted ponytail, sword, whip

Kneeling Female: Helm raised, free hand and sword. Thanks to slow set plastic glue I was able to adjust the hand up before it set