Intimacy Female Build 8 November, 2015

The Intimacy Female is a complicated build. Carefully trim the components from the sprue as there are a couple tabs to watch for. Note that the feather is attached to the slot in her back at first. I ended up trimming the small hair strand and adding it near the cape, see notes below.
Update 10 November: Trimmed the tab on the feather and reattached

Feedback from users:
  • Check out Adventures In Miniature Gaming for a better reference for the female build (thanks for the link Peter!).
  • Cathar1s sent along a picture with the comment that "the thin hair attaches to the back behind the right shoulder, but instead of facing left it comes forward and links on the waist with the gap in the cloth - or at least I think that looks best."

Sprue front – this is shared with The Hand and the Screaming Antelope

Sprue back

Components in assembly order:

  • torso, leg and base
  • bikini top
  • lower skirt
  • rear skirt
  • left hair with hand
  • cape
  • right hair
  • sword arm, feather and (non standard) hair
Update: some discussions online show that the piece I added at extra hair is attached to the back slot as a bollowing piece of cloth (thanks to several at BGG here) and I trimmed the tab on the feather and reattached to her hair. Drake (via email, thanks!) pointed out that "If you lay it fairly flat, the folds line up reasonably well and it looks pretty natural."

Leg, mounted to base

Bikini top

Lower skirt

Rear skirt - I initially thought the feather was a belt strap but the slot fits (as does the hair strand) on top of the hear. Will use a file to smooth out the glue deformities prior to painting.

Left hair with hand


Right hair

Right hair opposite view for reference

Finished with sword arm, feather and (non standard) hair. I trimmed the thin hair strand and tucked it underneath the “right hair” component
I pulled a lantern off the Lion Armor accessory sprue, trimmed off the hand and tapped a hole through the handle with a small drill bit. The more I look at the "feather", the more I dislike it - may trim and smooth before painting.

Rear view

With Intimacy Male