Kingdom Death: Monster Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager Overview

  • Online versions of the Settlement Record, Storage, Character Sheet and Gear Grid
  • Does not impliment rules and is not intended to be a playable version of KD:M
  • Track multiple KD:M campaigns - share a single login for multiple players
  • Load basic game data and provide references to charts and rulebook references
  • Check out an offline manager and other online managers at, and

Release History

  • Updated Gear and Storage entry to only accept numbers
  • All Expansion content enabled and added a new Settlement Gear sheet
  • Removed single sheet views!
  • Expansion Innovations, Settlement Locations, Resources, and Dragon/Sun events to the Settlement Sheet
  • Dragon King and People of the Sun attributes to the Survivor Character Sheet
  • Expansion Fighting Arts, Disorders and Weapon Proficiency to Character Sheet with expansion Items and Armor Sets on Gear Grid
  • Better support for mobile devices!
  • Broke out Lantern Years as its own Tab in the Settlement Record
  • Reformatted the sheets into a tabbed format – the single page views are a second option
  • Ability to change Survivor name and gender
  • Ability to mark a Survivors status (Nameless, Departing, Hunting, Killed, Retired, etc.)
  • Highlight milestones and give context sensitive help: Core Rulebook page lookups for events, etc.
  • Removed rounded corners from all sheets & other formatting updates
  • Navigate between Settlement Survivors on the Character Sheet
  • Track other gear in Settlement Storage
  • Track cards in Innovation Deck

Future Planning in general priority order - most of this is based on feedback - thank you!

  1. Add GenCon Expansion Gear to Campaign manager
  2. Ability to set a negative modifier to survivor attributes
  3. Suppress discarded Settlements
Further away
  1. Ability to change Settlement names
  2. Rebuild Survivor management interface
  3. Public User Profiles
  4. PDF Download