Dragon Armor Survivors Build 27 November, 2016

Dragon Armor Survivors - built one female and male

poeticallybored over on BGG reported an issue with the Dragon Armor forearm and spike lettering and sent the following list and note:

  • V arms with W forearms and W spikes
  • W arms with V forearms and X spikes
  • X arms with Y forearms and Y spikes
  • Y arms with X forearms and V spikes
"The forearms are pretty straight forward, the spikes are trickier. Some arms feel like they fit pretty comfortable with multiple spikes, but some feel like they only fit with one exact match. The W spikes are what I'm iffiest about - they didn't feel good on any of the arms, just felt the least-bad with the V/W arm."

sprues with rulebook. includes the Dragon King in human form (the Tyrant) and the Dragon People

amor sprue front

amor sprue rear

accessories sprue front

accessories sprue rear

parts in assembly order:

  • legs: C1 + C2 + C3
  • torso: B1 + B2 + B3 + B4
  • chap armor: F1 + F2 + F3
  • head: A1 + A2
  • arms: J1 + J2 & K1 + K2
  • weapons: sword and dagger

legs on base

with four piece torso - the horns line up on the spine

chap armor detail - three piece assembly lines up from bone center to wings

with chap armor

weapon and head detail

with arms and head

with weapons

with pauldrons

female final build front

female final build rear

parts in assembly order:

  • legs: Q1 + Q2
  • torso: O1 + O2
  • belt: U1 + U2
  • chap armor: S1 + S2
  • head: N1 + N2
  • arms: Z1 + Z4 & Z2 + Z3
  • weapons: sword and disc

toro and legs on base

with belt

with chap armor

head and arm detail

with head and arms

with pauldrons

with weapons

male final build front

male final build rear