Spidicules Expansion Build 13 April, 2016

Spidicules appears fragile but is fairly sturdy once assembled. build order:

  • body
  • pedipalps and antennae
  • front legs with hands
  • side legs
  • rear legs
  • center antennae with victim
  • entreating man

Spidicules Expansion Contents
5 (2 frames and 3 legs) sprues with 1 135mm base, Silk Armor sprues with 4 bases, 6 baby spidicules sprues on a single frame with 6 30mm bases, card pack, gear pack, divider pack with settlement events and locations, rule book

hands sprue front

hands sprue rear

torso sprue front

torso sprue rear

leg frame 1

leg frame 2

leg frame 3

two part left and right torso with two part lower mouth and upper face

left and right torso with lower mouth assembled

pedipalps (which connect left hand over right) and antennae

assembled - loose antenna has a tab/slot spot, antennae on right side of head required a lot of trimming

front legs with hands (clothes pins work great to hold these while glue sets)

next pair left and right legs - the tab/slots are unique to test fit prior to gluing

next pair left and right legs

next pair left and right legs

rear view center legs attached

showing folded index card support

left and right rear legs

left rear leg attached

right rear leg attached

center antennae with victim

assembled with wide view of index card holding victim in place

close up of index card holding victim in place

final build left front

final build right front

final build rear

entreating man. two legs, left and right specific with right arm clutching chest