Sunstalker Expansion Build 5 April, 2016

Sunstalker is a straightforward build:

  1. torso
  2. front appendages
  3. rear appendages
  4. face and mouth
  5. left and right hair
  6. antennae

Sunstalker Expansion Contents
3 monster sprues with 135mm base, 2 armor sprues with 4 30mm bases, 1 armor sprue with Miko and Priest, card pack, gear pack, divider pack with settlement locations, terriain and tracking cards, rule book

rear torso sprue front

rear torso sprue rear

hair sprue front

hair sprue rear

face sprue front

face sprue rear

front and rear torso


front appendage placement


rear appendage placement


breast, left and right face, antennae

3 part mouth and tounge

left side face with lower palate and slotted tounge

left side face with upper palate

right side face

rear palate

breast piece on front torso

face mounted - slots lower on breast piece and upper on torso

left and right hair

left front smaller hair

left rear larger hair

right front smaller hair

right rear larger hair

left and right antennae front left view

final front right view

final rear view