Kingdom Death Lore The Abyssal Woods

Flower Witch

The Abyssal Woods exists on the precipice of obliteration, its heavy limbs pulled inexorably towards black hole at its center. The Flower Witch flickers through the woods, tending to inscrutable tasks that keep it from swallowing itself. Her seemingly random alterations create wonder and death for foolhardy travelers.

Flower Knight


Disciple of the Witch – One

A coven of disciples that assist in the care of the Abyssal Woods; clearing trails, calming boiling rivers, balancing bacterial colonies, and most importantly, clearing the clots from the infinity web that encloses the vacuum at the heart of the forest.

The staves of the disciples are topped with a dense mineral, so saturated with colors that it appears black to human eyes. The mineral is the heart of a plant that lives in warm nests deep within a great inverted mountain. The Flower Witch teaches its disciples to use their staves to manipulate plant life cycles, commanding them to grow or wither.

Disciple of the Witch - Two

The uniforms of the disciples, their dresses and hats, are spun on the same loom that weaves the goblin's garments. The fabric is a woven parasite, its fibers absorbing the wearer's blood. These vestments enable the disciples to grip the ground with incredible strength allowing them to move freely through the Abyssal Woods even when everything around them is a swirling vortex.

Disciple of the Witch - Three

A hole the size of a grain of sand breathes at the center of the Abyssal Woods. Every inhale threatens to devour the forest, an intense vacuum rips roots from the ground and sucks waves of tumbling debris through the air.

Above all else, the Flower Witch teaches the disciples about ego and the beauty of life and death. Cultivating immaculate beauty at the precipice of destruction strengthens the ego needed to wield the Flower Witch’s powers and maintain her knowledge.

Disciple of the Witch – Four

Everything that lives in the Abyssal Woods evolves to survive the tantrums of a tiny, unpredictable orifice at its center. Insects with opposable thumbs cling tenaciously to trees, whose roots have become powerful, gnarled hands firmly gripping the ground. Seasoned visitors carry chains and hooks to secure themselves at a moment's notice to the largest things in sight when the winds pick up.

Beyond enabling the disciples to survive the hole of the forest, continued wear of their garments deepens a symbiotic relationship, granting them even greater understanding and power. However, an intense caloric intake is required to keep the fabric fed. This can pose a great challenge for young disciples, who often starve to death or are simply consumed by their hat

Disciple of the Witch – Six

The Sleeping Flower has 13 petals, which is as many disciples as the Flower Witch will ever keep. However, the fifth petal never uncurls, even when the flower is in full bloom. Its contents are a mystery to all but the Flower Witch, who privately muses that it will be the burden of the disciple that succeeds her, inheriting both her mask and her many mistakes.