Kingdom Death Lore The Great City

Great Game Hunter (Female)

The Great Game Hunters are aristocrats, cultivated sportsmen who compete for the prestige of killing the most ferocious of monsters.

Great Game Hunter (Male)

The Great Game Hunters hail from a bizarrely flourishing city. Many generations of families have survived astonishingly well, growing complacent and wealthy in the city. Beneath the worldly noble exterior of the city, inhuman forces breed intrigue and family rivalries. These hapless noblemen squabble over resources and knowledge risking their lives in competition for prestige, chasing rumors of ever more dangerous game.

Ammo Slave

When a lauded Great Game Hunter house falls to ruin, their loss is compounded by generations of shame. The fallen family is stripped of its heraldry and its lineage is sold into servitude among the remaining houses. The highest patriarch to the lowliest footman are given ignoble roles, as weapon caddies or cannon fodder to maximize their public humiliation.

Great Game Hunter Rogue

Strong-willed sons and daughters of powerful Great Game Hunter houses sometimes find themselves bored of the intricate courtly intrigues they must entertain. These Rogues will eschew the stuffy machinery of the city, turning their attentions to mastering the wilderness beyond. Armed to the teeth and rich with all the advantages of their houses' resources, they set out to live rough, or as rough as nobleman of fine-breeding and plentiful wealth can live.



Doctor - Female

One of the Dark Surgeon's 6 wonders, the Doctors are physically far more then human. Doctors have a second, smaller heart grown from their lord's cells implanted on the right side of their chest. It produces a supply of virile transfusion-ready blood that overruns the doctor's weakened immune system. It makes the doctor an ever-ready donor of blood and organs for a lordling in peril.

Doctor - Male

Becoming a Great Game Hunter's doctor is often less desirable than slavery or even serving as a human cog deep in the machinery of the city's sewage system. Each new doctor is brought before the Dark Surgeon who excises the doctor's face in exchange for medicinal knowledge. The newly minted doctor will erase their physiological identity to become a host for replacement limbs and organs they will provide for their lord. The doctors are expected to remain sane and sober in order to offer the finest care to their master. The few that escape are swiftly hunted down by the Dark Surgeon's adjudicators and find themselves subject in unthinkable medical trials that make their former fates seem palatable.

Chef - Female

Many Great Game Hunters would readily accept death before they accept a poor meal. Their travelling kitchens are obstinately impractical, able to produce a feast from home in the harshest circumstances. Rival houses know a surefire way to hamstring their competitors is to find a weakness in the kitchen. An extra-rich stew laying too heavy in the belly or a spoiled, gut-wrenching ingredient may be a hunters undoing. To this end, hunters shower their chefs with riches and keep the threat of grievous harm close at hand.

Chef - Male