Kingdom Death Lore Monsters, Enemies and Powers

Illuminated Lady

The Illuminated Lady appears to survivors hopelessly lost in the darkness. A nude figure glowing softly by the light of her lantern, other lanterns grow dim as she nears. Her presence fills survivors with comfort and serenity and she will guide them into the darkness never to be found again. Some joke meeting her is a kinder end than most.


So great was Satan’s self-obsession that it split into twin hermaphrodite lovers to share the world with itself. They roam Kingdom Death, drunk with self-lust and power, trapped by their own vanity in fragile human frames. Their armor of living tongues shares the taste of the world between the twins. Satan is a vicious masochist, poisoning the minds of any it comes across. The pair is well hated by other entities, as they only seek to disrupt balance for their own satisfaction.

The Gorm

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The Dragon King

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Honeycomb Weaver

New monster still under development. The thing on the end of its phallic-like appendage is a bee hive.

Warlords (Female + Male)

Warlords use their power to stoke the dim, delicate flame of humanity into a roaring fire of martial strength. Whether raising armies of bedraggled, simpering survivors or transforming settlements into martial fortresses, they are inspirational, practical and blood thirsty.

Apotheosis (Female)

Seeing themselves as a god, the Apotheosis is as strong as they are flawed. Masked by their vanity, the Apotheosis is subject only to their own ego. The source of their power is unknown and will undoubtedly be their downfall.

Apotheosis (Male)



The Forsakers lose or give up their grasp on sanity in trade for unbridled power and stamina. They see nothing but suffering and pitiful struggle around them, incapable of compassion, they channel their despair into unchecked furious berserk state that makes the Forsaker dangerous to friend and foe alike.

Forsaker (ltd)

The Forsaker has lost so much that his perspective has been skewed beyond repair. They see nothing but darkness and suffering, accordingly, they have abandoned their own humanity to better suit the struggle they see all around them. Ruthless, and fueled by despair, the berserk state of the Forsaker is dangerous to friend and foe alike.

The Butcher

The Butcher is the remains of a Forsaker swallowed by long years of wrestling with the primal rage that gave him power. Nothing remains of the man, just a mess of flesh clinging to the insides of the Forsaker's armor, animated by nihilistic fury to destroy on the road through oblivion.

The Butcher collects the lanterns and skinned faces of his victims, a perversion of the humanity that echoes inside its near hollow armor.

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Nightmare Ram

The nightmare ram is the living spawn of a parasitic plant. It subsists on the salt of creatures which it metabolizes to power the glowing bulbs that grow atop its tough horns and the large lantern organ on it carries outside its body. They are sensitive, lonesome creatures that carefully cultivate beautiful, hidden gardens containing the plants that produce them. They will often beat trespassers into a pulp and use them as salt-rich fertilizer.

Like any fruit that has been picked, their life span is short.

Slender Man

White Speakers whisper stories of the walking water. An entity capable of making people vanish without a trace, like the water of an unwatched urn. It's motives inscrutable and it's description warping with each new telling. Little is known of the Slender Man as it leaves nothingness in it's wake.

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