Kingdom Death Lore Other Survivors

Survivor (Female) Aya

Hunted as prey, herded and domesticated as draft animals, humans occupy a low rung on the food chain of Kingdom Deaths many strange ecosystems. Often living unawares of their purpose, occasionally, nightmarish trauma will snap an ignorant human from their delusion of safety. These survivors are often shaped by the particular events that tears the veil from their eyes; some driven by vengeance, grief, curiosity, or insanity, they share a desperate desire to persist despite the horror of their newly discovered reality. Survivors are marked by the artifacts they create from the ordeal that put them on their new path.

Survivor (Male) Paul


Female Preacher

The Preacher

Standing over his fallen companions hoarsely crying devotions over the screams of battle. As terror extinguishes hope, the questionable dogmas begin to make sense, inspiring the wretched to feats of reckless strength and steadfastness.

Visionary (Female)

Most live a drab life, nurturing a fantasy of their world painted in bold striking colors. Visionaries are the few that come across a relic that empowers them and demands action. Often, they will lead many to their death, building a staircase of corpses towards their lofty ideals.

Visionary (Male)


White Lion Adherent

A gatherer from a settlement that Worships White Lions.

Ringtail Fox Survivors

A new expansion under development, that explores people living in underground tunnels below a dangerous swamp ruled by a great fox-like entity. Securing and expanding the underwater tunnels so you can increase your population capacity is one of the ideas going into this one.

Survivor Beyond the Wall (Aya)


Kara Black