Kingdom Death Lore People of the Sun

Adult Sunstalker

A rarely seen entity that swims through light. As they reach adulthood they become voracious, attempting to ingest a lifetime of food before they lay their young and take to the sky. There, from immense altitudes, they shine a radiant, warm light that slowly matures their spawn over countless human generations.

Core Game Expansion 

Sunstalker Infant

Sunstalkers are creatures that manipulate and swim through light, shifting the colors of the spectrum at their whim. A tribe of humans began to worship a very ancient Sunstalker as the sun itself when it stepped down from the sky to rest on a mountain top. Countless generations and centuries have past and a strange human & monster relationship has emerged. The human culture tends to the young spawn, feeding it with a combination of food and ritual sacrifice. Only the fairest of maidens are selected for the horrifying honor of being a caretaker and not many survive the creatures period of infancy.

In an attempt to create a lasting relationship between the human and monster, the child of a mighty sun warrior is umbilically attached to the young sunstalker. A highly dangerous practice that occasionally results in a symbiotic link between man and monster. Sometimes the human child gaining some of the creatures strange ability to manipulate light.

People of the Sun

There was once a tribe of humans that worshiped the Sun. They warmed themselves in its radiance and grew strange vegetation around sacred pools rippling with light. The tribe looked forward to the Sun’s gifts, ever widening their pools to catch every drop of sacred water that the Sun regurgitated. Joining hands within the sometimes super-heated columns of the Sun's light is a tradition shared by two young warriors in love.

The Priest and the Miko reflect a moment within the tribe. A warrior that has reached a pinnacle of wisdom is allowed to soak at the bottom of the sacred pool, infusing their bodies with the powerful secretions from the eggs that lay within it.

Core Game Expansion 

Warrior of the Sun Male

A tribe that has found a harsh but harmonious existence under the oldest sun. The warrior young are raised alongside the sun's offspring in the sacred spawning pools. The few that survive to adulthood among the voracious brood do so by learning from the sun's infants.

Warrior of the Sun Female

The grown warriors become masters of stealth, developing power over the light, bending and shifting beams of light to hide in plain sight. Their garments woven of valuable prismatic fibers that help the warriors remain invisible in the darkness and in the light.