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White Speaker


White Speaker - Sword Hunter

There was a settlement of humans so powerful that they defied one of the great entities. In response, the entity drank their only lake and waited for them to turn to dust. Undaunted, the humans grew plants rich in water and survived. The furious entity took up its mantle and invaded, wiping out the humans. It left one man as a warning, cursed with an unslakable thirst.

Desperate to end his suffering, the man took up the sword, mastering it with single-minded focus. Exactly 1000 years to the day, the Prince of the Sword stood triumphant over the dying entity. Drinking its blood quenched his thirst for the first time but did not end his torment. Eternally he wanders drinking the blood of worthy adversaries to momentarily satisfy his thirst.

White Speakers that tell the story of the Prince of Swords seek the taste of blood stains and remnants of gore on ancient weapons. In this way gaining the prowess of their former wielders

White Speaker Nico

Long ago, the White Speaker cult's savagery threatened the few enclaves of human civilization. The Order of Twilight Knights rose up nearly destroying the cult. Now, small covens of White Speakers can be found meeting in abandoned places, sharing the secrets of their blood magic, passed on from one White Speaker to another through intricate tales, whispered and screamed in frenzied, transcendental rituals.

Nico is a second White Speaker in the Kingdom Death range. She represents more aspects of the White Speaker cult, their ritual garb and weapons.

Mountain Man

Part of the reason there are no Male White Speakers...