Dragon King Expansion Build 13 April, 2016

the Dragon King is a large model and sort of the centerpiece expansion to KD:M with a straightfoward build:

  • torso
  • neck and head
  • tail
  • legs
  • arms
  • legs to torso
  • tail to torso
  • arms to torso
  • neck to torso
  • ribcage
  • wings on base


Dragon King Expansion Contents
5 (3 frames, 1 set of wings and 1 two part torso) sprues with 1 135mm base, Tyrant, Dragon People and Dragon Armor sprues with 7 30mm bases, two card packs, gear pack, divider pack with settlement locations, terrain boards and rule book

Tyrant and Dragon People sprue front

Tyrant and Dragon People sprue rear

tail and arms sprue front

tail and arms sprue rear

ribcage sprue front

ribcage sprue rear

face sprue front

face sprue rear

wings on sprue

torso on sprue

front and back torso


left and right next, two part face, horns

neck and face with horns assembled

face on neck

two part lower tail

two part upper tail


right leg three parts - left is also three parts but not pictured

right leg assembled

left leg assembled

three part left and two part right arms - note the thumb on the "face" sprue

arms assembled

attach legs

attach tail

attach right arm

attach left arm

attach neck, right side view

attach neck, left side view

ribcage is two part left and right. opted to glue the bottom of the ribcage pieces together but not glue to the torso, just in case this model gets painted

wings are left and right. on base showing unattached ribcage. this part takes the most care and attention:

  • glued and set the left wing first and nursed it for about 15 minutes
  • lined up the right wing and body on the 135mm base to check placement
  • glued the legs, the right wing hand and bottom then nursed the model for another 15 minutes, mostly holding it so the wing balanced
  • set in case with cardboard supports under both wings overnight
  • ribcage attached with double sided tape for final photos

final build right

final build left

final build rear

final build front